Reasons why top quality is better


Taking the first step into playing musical instruments, most people will want to buy themselves cheap musical instrument thinking it’ll save their money while they’re just the beginner.

But is it truly good for you?

While it might be good (If we’re talking about money here) but there’re also downfalls of it. Here we’ll talk about Reasons why top quality is better


-Materials: there’s no cheap musical instrument which used a top quality material to build (If there’s, then how could the creator benefits from selling it?). The simple sample would be a guitar if it’s built with cheap materials, imagine the woods that easily break, the strings that might actually cut your finger (just kidding! LOL), wouldn’t it be hard to play?

-Sound: of course! the sound will be different between a cheap and a good quality. So, if you’re a beginner and you’re trying to play songs from your favorite artists the answer is, you might not like the result that much (because an artist uses a good quality instrument)

-Money: yes, this point used to be the advantage of getting a cheap instrument (plot twist!). This point is here because just like the point we’ve mentioned above. This kind of instrument is easily broken or damaged, so if it can be fixed you’ll have to spend your money keep fixing it (you probably have to spend more money than when you’ve bought it). Maybe it’s too damaged to be fixed and you started to get sick of this kind of instruments and want to buy a good quality one now. That means you’ve spent money two times on buying the same musical instrument.


So, maybe try and get the best quality musical instrument that is affordable for you and fit your level (This should be a good choice :D)