Seiko Digital Metronome SQ60


This quartz metronome from Seiko features a newly developed acoustic style sound authentically recreates the traditional “click” sound of a mechanical metronome. There’s a choice of 2 types of tempo sounds, with clear, loud sound from a dynamic speaker as well as 5 selectable beats and 2 reference tones with pitch adjustment. An LED tempo indicator visually supports tempo practice while muting the sound. Easy to operate with a tempo dial, one button adjusts the beat or pitch of the reference note.



• 5 selectable beats (for highlights)
• 2 reference tones with height adjustment
• LED tempo indicator, visually supports the practice of tempo while cutting the sound
• Round dial makes it easy to choose and change tempo
• A button to adjust the pitch of the reference note
• Tempo: from 40 to 208 BPM
• Tones: A4 = 440Hz – 441Hz – 442Hz – 443Hz – 444Hz • 1 LED
• 1 headphone input (3.5mm)
• 1 dynamic 57mm baffle giving a big sound of high definition and quality
• Black color
• Power supply: 2 AAA batteries included
• Dimensions: (W x D x H) 62 x 100 x 29.5 mm
• Weight: 130g with batteries
• Ecotax included

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