New Adult Music Lessons

Music is a passion shared by many, kids and adults alike. Sometimes our working lives can eat away at our passions. But fear not!

SoundsKool’s come up with a flexible study time using private lessons in our rooms specifically designed for adults, be it for beginners or restarters.

Study Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm and enjoy 12-15% off standard fees!

Buy 4 lessons  $130, or 10 lessons for $300

And, you can change, swap and move your lessons to fit your schedule. Sounds good?

Call us on 023211416 or register directly online >>



Dear Parents and Students!

Check out these cool events in December – to book your place follow below:

Miss Leak 012 454 621 (School) / Miss Mey 012 698 349 (Instruments)

FREE Guitar lesson

Piano day Gabi revision

Family day Gabi

Guitar day Gabi Revision

Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Supporters!

SoundsKool is now a recognized RockSchool UK Examination Center offering SoundsKool/RockSchool Music Exams in Cambodia, with the first theory exams taking place in November/December.

Students participating (and passing!) these firsts tests will gain a Theory Debut Certificate which is recognized worldwide. That’s great!


SoundsKool will contribute to the first set of exams, offering extra group classes and tuition to allow student to obtain a THEORY DEBUT CERTIFICATE.

  • All students over the ages of 10, and who have been in our school for 2 terms will be automatically entered.
  • Other students have the option of entering, we will need to check with the parent and teacher.

$55 fee includes the following:

  1. RS Theory Book Debut Stage
  2. In-Class Lessons and Fun/Easy Homework
  3. Group Theory Classes
  4. Exam Entrance Fee
  5. Original International Certificate

For more info call 012 454 621 or email [email protected]

Our Summer Music Camp in Phnom Penh kicks off in August – Yeah!

Enroll Now Here >> or Call 012 454 621 to enroll over the phone.

Below are details:

  • When? August 2016 (from 1st to 29th)
  • What? Learn Keyboard or Guitar or Drums
  • Where? Street 178, Near Sisowath High School.
  • How Many Hours? 10 Lessons = 10 Hours
  • How Much? $99 per student (includes student bag and course material)




TAKE 2 FRIENDS = 10% discount!


Music School Workshops by SoundsKool – at ELT

Here at the latest workshops (June 2016) from our tour of ELT Schools – those include the ELT Institute as well as the Elementary, Primary & Secondary campuses too!

It was great fun, and had a great response from students and parents. Even the school teachers were at it.

We showed both  guitar and keyboard courses, helped by SoundsKool music teachers, with many students excited to have the chance to hold or touch those for the first time. It was great to see Khmer children and teens have a passion for music and we wouldn’t be surprised if many of those will pick up an instrument in the future.

Some time ago, one of our teachers – drummer Matthew Millar – held an interview with Khmer Times. An interesting short read if you have time.

Khmer Times – Article on Soundskool > click here

SoundsKool ELT

SoundsKool ELT

SoundsKool ELT

SoundsKool ELT
















SoundsKool begins music lessons at ELT Schools, in Cambodia. The two schools have joined forces to offer music courses in the main campuses of ELT (Toul Kork, and Phsar Kandal), in Phnom Penh.

Music courses at ELT will be offered from July/August 23rd 2016, pricing is $99 per term.

Here’s 10 reasons to study music at ELT!

  1. Learn GUITAR / KEYBOARD in just a few lessons
  2. Learn Music in groups, with your friends
  3. Take lessons right here in your school
  4. Experienced and Professional teachers
  5. Learn from USA original music books
  6. Play on Original Yamaha and Aria instruments
  7. Rent your instrument for one term, and 100% money back if you buy it!
  8. You can perform at end-of-term Concert
  9. Dedicated Facebook Music Group
  10. Receive a certificate at end of term

Are you are an ELT student, or interested in taking music classes at ELT? Register today, with your friends, simple ask your school’s reception!

Learn more about ELT, Click Here >>

Music School New Term – Starting Soon!

International Graded Exams – Pop & Rock

Dear Friends,

SoundsKool’s new term is about to begin!
Join the growing number of students enrolling in Cambodia’s Coolest Music School!
And why are we so cool?

  • Awesome Teachers
  • Fun & Interactive Study Syllabuses
  • Learn Rock & Pop, as well as Classical
  • Get Certified ROCKSCHOOL!
  • Super Discounts of Roland, Yamaha, Lazer, Aria Guitars in store
  • Live Student Performances every 3 weeks
  • Mixed Classes – so you can play every instrument

SoundsKool has partnered with UK-based International Board ROCKSCHOOL!
Whats does this mean?

  • Take Grades, certified and recognized Internationally
  • Super Fun Pop & Rock (and Band) classes for your kids!
  • Study with certified RockSchool teachers.

To learn more about RockSchool, visit their website

TIP: Enroll Soon to get advantage of limited stock of Instrument Packages and discounts on term fees!

To Enroll:

Call Ms. Leak on 012 454 621!

or School or visit u sin store, and follow us on facebook

We had a great time having Music Workshops with The Giving tree!

We had three sessions of one hour, with teachers and parents over two days. They had a blast, trying out Ukulele, Keyboards, Dancing programs and event Drums!

Some students were as young as 2 years of age, and we found that they were really quite well behaved! This enabled us to try specific lesson content, in our TV rooms and in our standard music teaching rooms. The Giving Tree is a well recognized Nursey, Preschool and Primary institution. Teacher Kim was here and involved in running the workshop, she was amazing and very energetic!
The Giving Tree is best described in their own words:

Each of our caring international and local practitioners brings unique knowledge and experience to The Giving Tree. In addition to their education and training in early years learning and their extensive experience working with young children, our practitioners and assistants bring with them skills in music, art and photography, theater/costume making/role playing, dance and gymnastics, among others. We believe that sharing our skills with each other will benefit all of our staff and the life of The Giving Tree in general.

To find out more about this school, visit their website The Giving Tree Website and watch the video below!


We are pleased to announce that both Raffles Montessori International School & Harrods International Phnom Penh have formally joined our Music programs.

Raffles Montessori will begin in 2016, whether Harrods has already started! This is a great collaboration which sees two outstanding International schools join SoundsKool’s crafted Music Programs, designed specifically for them. SoundsKool takes great care in delivering complete outsourced musical solutions for these two institutions.

Ms. Niamh, principal of Harrods has a note for parents at her school:

Welcome to Harrods International Academy. At HIA, we are extremely proud to be offering child-centered education in the form of our unique Singaporean-British Curriculum. We recognize that each child is an individual and that learning is a very personal experience. We believe that teaching is not the imparting of knowledge but the enabling of children to be partners in their own learning. Our aim is to provide an environment where every child feels it is safe to try something new, safe to make a mistake and safe to succeed. More information can be obtained on their website: Click here to visit Harrods International Academy’s Website


Raffles Introduction:

We [at Raffles] strive to provide a top quality education for our students. Our investment in the education sector is not primarily aimed at generating profit, but rather it is focused on providing the most efficient, quality education for our younger generation. This is most important during their formative years, building a strong foundation for their future development.
We are committed to the development of quality human resources and the improvement of the education system in the Kingdom of Cambodia. More information on the school can be found here:Facebook of Raffles


We are pleased to announce that LIS has formally joined our Music programs. Our new partner school Liberty international will commence Keyboard and Guitar courses in January 2016!


Liberty International School provides a quality international education featuring an  American Curriculum tailored to the needs of Khmer leaners of English. Liberty is located in the Tuol Kok area of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We currently offer Nursery Education & Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1. We are for quality, not quantity. You can read more about Liberty School by visiting their website