soundskool opened its doors to the general public in Siem Reap with a big grand opening event. The grand opening was on Sunday 24th March and families, musicians, teachers or anyone interested in starting to learn music came. The day was jam packed with wonderful activities including Q and A’s on why music education is important in Cambodia, music performances from teachers, competition giveaways, instrument demos and many more.

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soundskool is an amazing all-in-one music school & store company offering international music standards and international RSL (RockSchool) Certification. The soundskool music shop sells global top brands such as Fender and Roland.

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Mey Mey is the store supervisor for soundskool in Siem Reap. Mey Mey joined soundskool back in 2017 as part of the sales team. Her hardworking and adaptable attitude resulted in her quickly moving up in the company where she managed soundskool’s second store in Phnom Penh before moving to Siem Reap. She is a friendly and motivated soundskool employee and is excited to be running soundskool’s first store in Siem Reap.



She was quoted in saying

“soundskool is my family,  soundskool is my life, all for one and one for all. I am excited to be the manager of the new store in Siem Reap I can’t wait to see the progression of all the new students that will be joining our wonderful school and the incredible musicians that will benefit from our new store”.

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For more information please visit: or Soundskool music Cambodia Facebook

Dear Students and Parents, and to those running Institutions and Music Departments, did you know that Musical Instrument Rental is available from 2016 onwards?

We announced our partnership with Aria Guitars back in July 2015, and this has changed the way we stock and order guitars in a way that it is now possible for us to arrange convenient mid-term rentals for education purposes.

Also, our partner The Piano Shop Cambodia, has dozens of acoustic Upright and Grand piano for rental for as little as $125 per month, including delivery and tuning (wow!).

Not only, but as Authorized Yamaha for Cambodia, we are able to hire all the best Digital Pianos and Keyboards (Digital Pianos for schools and institutions only) like the Clavinova CLP-535 and the student-friendly ARIUS YDP S-31.


Parents – if you are not sure that your child will stick with the guitar for ever, it could be a good idea to rent. Rentals for single students is $45 for one school term (normally 10 weeks including holiday breaks). You can return the guitar later, or if you like it, just pay the difference and it’s yours to keep. If you are looking for a keyboard, check this one here which is recommended by Yamaha as instructional instrument with self-learning software inbuilt > Yamaha PSR-E243

Schools and Institutions – Music departments are tricky to set-up, needing specialist teachers, sound engineers, maintenance contracts and difficult to source and often expensive instruments to obtain. SoundsKool is able to hire/purchase on most of its gear, read more here >. Student rentals is the other side of your business. You can include this in your fee structure or you can ask parents to pay per term. No matter, the ability for students to rent instruments and take them home is a great selling point to make your music department top-notch. You mustn’t worry stocking those instruments, SoundsKool can deliver them directly to you or your students.

Sounds Systems, Speakers, Hall Set-Ups?  – Ok, now we’re talking! As the leading supplier of educational music material, SoundsKool is also able to install Sound Systems, PAs, Wireless Microphone Networks, Stages, Lights and all that you need. You can rent those out too, no problem, and if you like them they are your to keep by paying the difference. Now you can make that end-of-year concert an even bigger one, or record and video those performances professionally. Cambodia is changing, and with SoundsKool you can stay up to date with the latest in Musical technology. Special Order Page right here >