New Adult Music Lessons

Music is a passion shared by many, kids and adults alike. Sometimes our working lives can eat away at our passions. But fear not!

SoundsKool’s come up with a flexible study time using private lessons in our rooms specifically designed for adults, be it for beginners or restarters.

Study Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm and enjoy 12-15% off standard fees!

Buy 4 lessons  $130, or 10 lessons for $300

And, you can change, swap and move your lessons to fit your schedule. Sounds good?

Call us on 023211416 or register directly online >>



Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Supporters!

SoundsKool is now a recognized RockSchool UK Examination Center offering SoundsKool/RockSchool Music Exams in Cambodia, with the first theory exams taking place in November/December.

Students participating (and passing!) these firsts tests will gain a Theory Debut Certificate which is recognized worldwide. That’s great!


SoundsKool will contribute to the first set of exams, offering extra group classes and tuition to allow student to obtain a THEORY DEBUT CERTIFICATE.

  • All students over the ages of 10, and who have been in our school for 2 terms will be automatically entered.
  • Other students have the option of entering, we will need to check with the parent and teacher.

$55 fee includes the following:

  1. RS Theory Book Debut Stage
  2. In-Class Lessons and Fun/Easy Homework
  3. Group Theory Classes
  4. Exam Entrance Fee
  5. Original International Certificate

For more info call 012 454 621 or email [email protected]

Our Summer Music Camp in Phnom Penh kicks off in August – Yeah!

Enroll Now Here >> or Call 012 454 621 to enroll over the phone.

Below are details:

  • When? August 2016 (from 1st to 29th)
  • What? Learn Keyboard or Guitar or Drums
  • Where? Street 178, Near Sisowath High School.
  • How Many Hours? 10 Lessons = 10 Hours
  • How Much? $99 per student (includes student bag and course material)




TAKE 2 FRIENDS = 10% discount!


Music School New Term – Starting Soon!

International Graded Exams – Pop & Rock

Dear Friends,

SoundsKool’s new term is about to begin!
Join the growing number of students enrolling in Cambodia’s Coolest Music School!
And why are we so cool?

  • Awesome Teachers
  • Fun & Interactive Study Syllabuses
  • Learn Rock & Pop, as well as Classical
  • Get Certified ROCKSCHOOL!
  • Super Discounts of Roland, Yamaha, Lazer, Aria Guitars in store
  • Live Student Performances every 3 weeks
  • Mixed Classes – so you can play every instrument

SoundsKool has partnered with UK-based International Board ROCKSCHOOL!
Whats does this mean?

  • Take Grades, certified and recognized Internationally
  • Super Fun Pop & Rock (and Band) classes for your kids!
  • Study with certified RockSchool teachers.

To learn more about RockSchool, visit their website

TIP: Enroll Soon to get advantage of limited stock of Instrument Packages and discounts on term fees!

To Enroll:

Call Ms. Leak on 012 454 621!

or School or visit u sin store, and follow us on facebook

SoundsKool has been appointed exclusive distributor of La Cremona violins in Cambodia.

This is a fine Korean maker of student and professional grade violins, viola, cellos and double-basses.

Available for the first time in Cambodia, this fine collection of violins is divided into different price lines,  featuring the 100 and 200 series, and the hand-made series.

This complements SoundsKool’s popular Lazer Violins student line (below $200) in order to offer a complete price range for Violins and Violin sets.


Share the news! – Fine Violins in Cambodia now available  at SoundsKool!

(Cellos and more focused accessories will be available shortly as we expand our line of fine instruments!)

La Cremona HALF - series 200 La Cremona THREE QUARTER - series 200

SoundsKool’s online shop is all about Musical Instruments and Gear at great prices! However, we don’t display acoustic pianos. That’s because our sister shop The Piano Shop Cambodia already stocks the largest collection of pianos in the country!

That’s right, and the shop is right under the SoundsKool School and Showroom (number 13, street 178, Phnom Penh) – The Piano Shop Google Map right here >

SoundsKool students have great deals on pianos, and you can choose rental too. From Grand pianos to Uprights and full repair and tuning services, there really isn’t a better place in town. Friendly staff can advise parents on what is best for them and their children, or if you are a seasoned professional you’ll find there is something for you too.

This partnership makes SoundsKool one of the largest musical instrument stores in Cambodia. Call The Piano Shop directly if you 092 263 118 or email them at [email protected]

yamahaJX113Silent Yamaha C7X Grand Piano below


Dear Students and Parents, and to those running Institutions and Music Departments, did you know that Musical Instrument Rental is available from 2016 onwards?

We announced our partnership with Aria Guitars back in July 2015, and this has changed the way we stock and order guitars in a way that it is now possible for us to arrange convenient mid-term rentals for education purposes.

Also, our partner The Piano Shop Cambodia, has dozens of acoustic Upright and Grand piano for rental for as little as $125 per month, including delivery and tuning (wow!).

Not only, but as Authorized Yamaha for Cambodia, we are able to hire all the best Digital Pianos and Keyboards (Digital Pianos for schools and institutions only) like the Clavinova CLP-535 and the student-friendly ARIUS YDP S-31.


Parents – if you are not sure that your child will stick with the guitar for ever, it could be a good idea to rent. Rentals for single students is $45 for one school term (normally 10 weeks including holiday breaks). You can return the guitar later, or if you like it, just pay the difference and it’s yours to keep. If you are looking for a keyboard, check this one here which is recommended by Yamaha as instructional instrument with self-learning software inbuilt > Yamaha PSR-E243

Schools and Institutions – Music departments are tricky to set-up, needing specialist teachers, sound engineers, maintenance contracts and difficult to source and often expensive instruments to obtain. SoundsKool is able to hire/purchase on most of its gear, read more here >. Student rentals is the other side of your business. You can include this in your fee structure or you can ask parents to pay per term. No matter, the ability for students to rent instruments and take them home is a great selling point to make your music department top-notch. You mustn’t worry stocking those instruments, SoundsKool can deliver them directly to you or your students.

Sounds Systems, Speakers, Hall Set-Ups?  – Ok, now we’re talking! As the leading supplier of educational music material, SoundsKool is also able to install Sound Systems, PAs, Wireless Microphone Networks, Stages, Lights and all that you need. You can rent those out too, no problem, and if you like them they are your to keep by paying the difference. Now you can make that end-of-year concert an even bigger one, or record and video those performances professionally. Cambodia is changing, and with SoundsKool you can stay up to date with the latest in Musical technology. Special Order Page right here >


Music Group Classes for young kids (aged 5 and below) are now available at Soundskool.

That’s right, awesome, fun and interactive courses for children as young as 3 years (we even have a few 2 and half year olds!). Arianna Malatesti, Head of Music here at SoundsKool, explains that it is possible to manage these age groups by carefully pairing children with similar abilities and caracther.

“Children love to copy facial expressions, movements and laughter from their parents and children of their age group” she explains. “We focus on movement repetition and games to sharpen their attention  abilities. Once they’ve achieved good coordination and have worked well with other children, we focus on instrumental skills and soon after they are already performing for their parents!”

These courses are designed with your child in mind. Our classes have vetted and trained Instructors accompanied by Classroom Assistants. With us, children have a great time, so the cry rate is very low!

Centrally located, near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Soundskool offers a quick drop off solution for kids coming from school. Ample parking space available.

Ho Ho Ho it’s Christmas! That’s right, and besides the usual bonanza of Musical Instrument offers and giveaways, we also have a brand new selection of music courses starting in January 2016.

New Term, New Music!

  1. Yamaha Piano Course – A course designed with Yamaha-style teaching in mind. As authorized Yamaha retailers, we have combined this great piano syllabus on Yamaha Clavinova instruments. This takes place in 2 separate rooms, with a teacher and an assistant. Students get to be team leaders twice per month and learn super fast! Don’t forget that students of this course also receive an amazing 15% off all Yamaha Pianos, even acoustics!
  2. Guitar and Choir practice groups for $1! Have we gone crazy? Absolutely! If you study with us you have access to $1 practice groups sessions together with other students. What’s more, these groups get to perform around town for performances, so you can become a star without even realizing it!
  3. Violin- finally our string courses kick off as promised. As authorized agents for Lazer violins, we have an ample choice of violin sizes for lessons. Our trained teachers can offer individuals and groups! So what are you waiting for, start your violin career with us today!

Below is a breakdown of our fee structure, remember you can register online >>


Music Courses & Fees FINAL (Term 2, 2016)

Aria Guitar announce new Dealership in Cambodia.

SoundsKool is proud to be the authorized dealer of Aria Guitars and Accessories.

This amazing Japanese marque burst onto the scene in 1956 and has been producing a stunning range of guitars, basses, ukuleles, fold-away electric and other types.

We just received our first shipment and they look utterly beautiful with a a fantastic range at student level especially.

The Fiesta line is the most affordable and there are some student packages starting at less than $99.

Contact SoundsKool 012 698 349 or [email protected], or visit our store and showroom #13, Street 178, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


This is how Aria started out, very interesting:

“It all started with the classical guitar”, says Shiro Arai, Chairman and the founder of Aria Guitars. Continue reading