Scherl & Roth SR4122 VL Violin Bow 1/2

SR4142 S&R LV Violin Bow 4/4
SR4142 S&R LV Violin Bow 4/4
SR4142 S&R LV Violin Bow 4/4


The Scherl & Roth SR4122 LV Violin Bow for a 1/2 size instrument has a rounded black carbon fibre stick and a bow made of synthetic hair, for perfectly balanced, smooth playing.


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Product Description

This Scherl & Ross violin is a great choice for your student looking to start playing the violin. This violin is a premium student instrument made from superior materials for better sound and reliability. It is a half size and comes with a fiberglass bow and Glaesel hardshell case.

The top of this violin is made of Spruce while the back, sides, and bridge are Maple. These materials are not only more durable than the laminate plywood used in cheaper violins, but they also sound noticeably better, even to the untrained ear.