Prodipe VL21-C Lanen Violin & Alto


The strengths of VL21-C Lanen Violin & Altos :

  • Excellent natural sound.
  • UHF compatible (with the PRODIPE UHF B210 SOLO or UHF B210 DUO systems – Sold separately).
  • Easy mounting.
  • Lightweight rubber clamp specific to the instrument.
  • Very high level of protection from instrument vibration.
  • Mini XLR to XLR connector adaptor ensures that the mic lead is properly positioned on your instrument (48V phantom power supply required for wired connection).


A totally new range of instrument mic systems for on stage recording of all your acoustic instruments.

  • Violins and violas come in various sizes, so they need a fully adaptable mounting system, hence our decision to develop two flexible clamps.
  • The microphone VL21-C is the cardioid version of the VL21 Lanen, equipped with the famous cell 21.
  • With our clamps, our capsule is as close as possible to the sound source, just beneath the strings, tight against the soundboard, ensuring that the recording is richer in harmonics and more dynamic.
  • This microphone can be used in wireless version: to connect to the PRODIPE UHF B210 SOLO or UHF B210 DUO systems (specially adapted for the Lanen 21 capsule impedance).
  • Clamp(s) and XLR adaptor are supplied for wired mic use (48V phantom power supply required).