Luwig Evolution Mapple set aqua blue 7 pcs included hardware no seat $1599



The tom toms are outfitted with Remo Pinstripe (UT) batter Heads, Ludwig Classic Micro Lugs and Evolution Tom Brackets. The bass drum features Multi-Angle Telescoping Spurs and a new Evolution double-tom holder.The Element Evolution offers performance ready, double-braced hardware that provides strength and versatility where you need it most.  This set includes two double braced convertible Boom Cymbal Stands for durability and optimal cymbal placement.  A swivel leg Hi-hat Stand is included for those looking to evolve into a double-pedal drummer.  Let’s not forget a sturdy single chain-drive Bass Drum Pedal with double sided beater, plus a multi-tilt Snare Stand, and fully adjustable Drum Throne.As if this drum set couldn’t get any better, Ludwig has packaged the Element Evolution set with Zildjian ZBT Cymbals.  Known for their rich tones and performance quality, this ZBT cymbal pack includes a 20” Ride, 16” Crash, and a pair of 14” Hi-hats.  With 3 configurations to choose from, the Element Evolution set will easily cover many of today’s most popular music styles.   This series is available in 4 exquisite finishes.  You can chose Wine Red Sparkle, Blue Sparkle, Silver/White Sparkle, or Black Sparkle.Get your Ludwig 5-Piece Evolution Drum Set today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.


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Ludwig 7-Piece Evolution Drum Set w/ 20″ Bass Drum (Blue Sparkle)

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