Boss KATANA Mini, Guitar Amplifier

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Big Rock Tone in a Go-anywhere Combo

With a multi-stage analog gain circuit and three selectable voicing, the BOSS Katana Mini combo amplifier delivers big tone in a compact, portable package. The Brown voicing delivers iconic high-gain tone — perfect for metal leads. Crunch offers overdriven rhythm tones, while Clean provides sparkling tone with a wide dynamic range that is perfect for use with your pedals. Factor in battery power and a convenient handle, and the BOSS Katana Mini combo amp is your ideal portable practice partner.


Speaker-emulated output

The BOSS Katana Mini is ready for silent practice and direct recording, thanks to its speaker-emulated output. Plug in headphones and jam without disturbing your neighbors, or connect directly to a recording device to capture your tone.

Tone controls and built-in effects

Guitarists are impressed with the big sound of the Katana Mini despite its small size, and it offers impressive control over your tone. A 3-band EQ allows you to shape your sound with bass, middle, and treble controls. And a built-in delay effects section is perfect for adding a sense of space to lead tones.

Truly portable

The BOSS Katana Mini weighs less than three pounds and can be powered with six AA batteries for up to seven hours of operation. You can also use an optional AC adapter (not included). Its compact size, robust carry handle, and battery operation make it the ideal go-anywhere amplifier for your electric guitar.

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