New Music Study Term from 2018

Back to School new 2018 term

Dear Parents, Students and Friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time learning music at SoundsKool, please note the important changes below:

From 2018 we are adopting Cambodia’s International School Calendars. This means we are changing our event schedule and billing too.

New Music Study Term from 2018:

ONE TO ONE LESSONS (Private Lessons)

There will only be Two Semesters per year (Jan-June and July-December). This means that the term of study matches that of international schools. It will be easier for families to plan holidays and know when our term starts again. 

Existing students will be automatically switched, and billing will be adjusted. Check out payment options on the registration page >> Note that there is a 12% discount if you pay early.

New student can join at any time, even in the middle of the semester. Your billing will be adjusted so you pay only what you owe.


Adults have now an upgraded study option – you can still enjoy taking music lessons even with a busy working life! Study anytime between Monday and Friday 9am to 2pm, and access special rates. You can switch, swap or move lessons as many times as you wish within the semester (around 5-6 months).


If you are taking group lessons (KoolKids, or any other group), note that the term of study will be of around 9-10 lessons depending on the semester. Billing is charged monthly and there will be a one month deposit.


For an overview of our fees, visit the registration page >> and if you have any enquiries simply call our School Desk on 023 211 416

We hope you find these changes helpful, and happy practice!

PS – A letter from the school will be sent shortly about this article, including some interesting offers and discounts on pianos and guitars!